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The Mountain Grove is an educational resource community and cooperative offering support to families with young children and homeschoolers. Our philosophy is based on Waldorf education which acknowledges that each child is unique and comes into the world with their own strengths, challenges and sense of purpose.  Our goal is to help each child learn to find their direction in life by encouraging a lifelong love of learning, fostering a keen interest in all that he or she encounters and inspiring an inward reverence for all humanity and the world.

Our curriculum is based on Waldorf Education, which was founded in 1919 by Austrian philosopher, educator, and scientist Rudolf Steiner.   Waldorf education balances artistic, academic and practical work educating the whole child, hand and heart as well as head. Its developmentally-oriented curriculum, permeated with the arts, music & movement, addresses the child’s changing consciousness as it unfolds, stage by stage.

At present we are on winter break are making plans for the spring.  This last fall we held an 8-week session, meeting on Thursdays of each week from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Our kindergarten, grades and music classes are all led by Waldorf trained teachers.  Classes included drawing, painting, singing with musical instruments, movement, outdoor free play, games, storytelling and crafts.  The block theme for the grades classes was local geography.

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